The Fairy is a type in the Pokémon series. It was first introduced in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. It was introduced mainly to balance the Dragon type, which was often considered by many to be over-powered at the time. Notable Fairy type trainers include Valerie, a gym leader in Kalos, and Mina, a Trial Captain for Poni Island

List of fairy type Pokémon

Image Pokémon Type Information
PKMN035 Clefairy
PKMN036 Clefable
PKMN039 Jigglypuff
PKMN040 Wigglytuff
PKMN122 Mr. Mime
PKMN173 Cleffa
PKMN174 Igglybuff
PKMN175 Togepi
PKMN176 Togetic
PKMN183 Marill
PKMN184 Azumarill
PKMN209 Snubbull
PKMN210 Granbull
PKMN280 Ralts
PKMN281 Kirlia
PKMN282 Gardevoir
PKMN298 Azurill
PKMN303 Mawile
PKMN439 Mime Jr.
PKMN468 Togekiss
PKMN546 Cottonee
PKMN547 Whimsicott
PKMNXY669 Flabébé
PKMNXY670 Floette
PKMNXY671 Florges
PKMNXY682 Spritzee
PKMNXY683 Aromatisse
PKMNXY684 Swirlix
PKMNXY685 Slurpuff
PKMN700 Sylveon
PKMNXY702 Dedenne
PKMNXY703 Carbink
PKMNXY707 Klefki
PKMNXY716 Xerneas
PKMNXY719 Diancie
PKMNSM730 Primarina
PKMNSM742 Cutiefly
PKMNSM743 Ribombee
PKMNSM755 Morelull
PKMNSM756 Shiinotic
PKMNSM764 Comfey
PKMNSM778 Mimikyu
PKMNSM785 Tapu Koko
PKMNSM786 Tapu Lele
PKMNSM787 Tapu Bulu
PKMNSM788 Tapu Fini
PKMNSM801 Magearna

Alternate Forms

Image Pokémon Type Information
PKMNSM038-A Ninetales
Alolan Form
120px Mega Gardevoir
PKMNXY303-M Mega Mawile
120px Mega Altaria
120px Arceus
120px Mega Audino
120px Mega Diancie
120px Silvally

List of Fairy-type Moves


  • Twinkle Tackle (Fairium Z)
  • Guardian of Alola (Tapunium Z)

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