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Fangora is a boss in Kirby's Epic Yarn. It is the first boss Kirby fights in in the game and also appears in the battle with Yin-Yarn.


  • Fire Ball: Fangora Shoots out 3 Fire Balls that Kirby can throw back at Fangora to get beads.
  • Tongue: Fangora will sometimes use this attack twice at Kirby or Prince Fluff.
  • Rising Up: Fangora's Most powerful attack. Fangora will go at the background, disappear, and then rise up from where Kirby is. When Fangora's nearly killed, it will often use this.

How to defeat

The user must dodge Fangora's fire ball and tongue attack, after those attacks Fangora will rest. Then the player will have to hit his button 3 times to defeat him.

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