Luck Key
Location Type of Luck
Gives you luck with finding money and items.
Gives you luck with finding items.
Gives you luck with finding money and items.
Gives you luck with finding money and items.

Feng Shui is a mechanic in Animal Crossing series based on a real world concept, though the Animal Crossing version is simplified by quite a bit. Mainly, what you do is place certain colored items in a certain corner of your house (see the chart to the right), giving you good luck. Very few items, called "special Feng Shui", will give you luck no matter where you place them in your house. Feng Shui is the main contributor to points to the Happy Room / Home Academy as of City Folk.

Many items don't have Feng Shui value, though ones that do generally are either yellow, red, orange, or green.

Special Feng Shui

As mentioned above, some items are Special Feng Shui, which means they'll give you luck no matter where you put them in your house. Obviously, these items are rare, and ones you certainly don't want to blunderingly give away. A full list of Special Feng Shui items can be seen below.

G Logo Tanabata Palm Mario Trophy Tissue
Big Festive Tree House Model Samurai Suit Angler Trophy
Festive Tree Manor Model Mailbox Autumn Medal
Hinaningyo Treasure Chest Piggy Bank Fishing Trophy
Luigi Trophy Dracaena Post Model Spring Medal

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