Fiery Dweevil
Dweevil fire
Series Pikmin
First game Pikmin 2
Species Dweevil
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The Firey Dweevil is an enemy in Pikmin 2 for the Nintendo GameCube and New Play Control! Pikmin 2 for the Wii. This monster is one of the many dweevils present in the game. This dweevil shoots out fire when it is startled, so the user should bring some Red Pikmin along. Another good way is to fist-fight using Olimar, because these things don't have much health. These monsters have a habit of carrying dead monsters and treasures around the sublevel. Dweevils are never found above ground, only under ground.

These monsters can be holding treasures and can fall off of cliffs. If this happens don't panic, the treasure will be somewhere else on that sublevel. If any monsters are holding treasures and they fall off cliffs, the treasures will be somewhere else on that sublevel.


Olimar's notes

"Members of the dweevil family are known for carrying objects of astounding size on their backs, then mimicking them. The fiery dweevil is one species in this family. Generally, this is a very gentle insect that feeds on grass nectars, but when faced with danger the fiery dweevil ignites flammable internal gasses, juts out its jaw, and spews scorching flames. As this clearly makes it a rather dangerous insect, it is best not to linger directly in front of it."

Louie's notes

"The search for a gourmet, high-protein salad-topping alternative to bacon bits is over! Grind this spicy dweevil into tasty micro-chunks and toss them generously over your salad to add instant flair AND flavor!"