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Fighting is one of the 18 Pokémon types. The Pokémon tend to be physical oriented with a couple special options. Including forms, there are 47 different species of Fighting types with 6 legendaries.

The type is strong offensively but has mixed defenses. Defensively, it resists Dark, Bug and Rock types, but is weak to the Flying and Psychic types plus the Fairy type as of Generation VI. They typically have low defenses so a supereffective attack can be dangerous, especially since Fighting is not that effective against it. Offensively, it has strengths against several defense-oriented like Rock and Steel as well as against some difficult types like Normal and Dark and is also strong against Ice. However, it is not strong against Bug, Fairy, Psychic, Flying and Poison as well as Ghost types being completely invulnerable. To counter Bug and Flying, most fighting-types have access to Rock moves like Stone Edge. For Psychic and Ghost types, most fighting types have access to a Dark type move like Knock Off.

List of fighting-type Pokémon

Pokémon Type Information
PKMN056 Mankey FightingFighting
PKMN057 Primeape FightingFighting
PKMN062 Poliwrath WaterWaterFightingFighting
PKMN066 Machop FightingFighting
PKMN067 Machoke FightingFighting
PKMN068 Machamp FightingFighting
PKMN106 Hitmonlee FightingFighting
PKMN107 Hitmonchan FightingFighting
PKMN214 Heracross BugBugFightingFighting
PKMN236 Tyrogue FightingFighting
PKMN237 Hitmontop FightingFighting
PKMN256 Combusken FireFireFightingFighting
PKMN257 Blaziken FireFireFightingFighting
PKMN286 Breloom GrassGrassFightingFighting
PKMN296 Makuhita FightingFighting
PKMN297 Hariyama FightingFighting
PKMN307 Meditite FightingFightingPsychicPsychic
PKMN308 Medicham FightingFightingPsychicPsychic
PKMN391 Monferno FireFireFightingFighting
PKMN392 Infernape FireFireFightingFighting
PKMN447 Riolu FightingFighting
PKMN448 Lucario FightingFightingSteelSteel
PKMN453 Croagunk PoisonPoisonFightingFighting
PKMN454 Toxicroak PoisonPoisonFightingFighting
PKMN475 Gallade PsychicPsychicFightingFighting
PKMN499 Pignite FireFireFightingFighting
PKMN500 Emboar FireFireFightingFighting
PKMN532 Timburr FightingFighting
PKMN533 Gurdurr FightingFighting
PKMN534 Conkeldurr FightingFighting
PKMN538 Throh FightingFighting
PKMN539 Sawk FightingFighting
PKMN559 Scraggy DarkDarkFightingFighting
PKMN560 Scrafty DarkDarkFightingFighting
PKMN619 Mienfoo FightingFighting
PKMN620 Mienshao FightingFighting
PKMN638 Cobalion SteelSteelFightingFighting
PKMN639 Terrakion RockRockFightingFighting
PKMN640 Virizion GrassGrassFightingFighting
PKMNXY652 Keldeo WaterWaterFightingFighting
PKMN639 Chesnaught GrassGrassFightingFighting
PKMNXY674 Pancham FightingFighting
PKMNXY675 Pangoro FightingFightingDarkDark
PKMN701 Hawlucha FightingFightingFlyingFlying

Pokémon forms with Fighting types

Pokémon Type Information
File:PKMN150-X.png Mega Mewtwo X PsychicPsychicFightingFighting Hold Mewtwonite X
PKMN214-M Mega Heracross BugBugFightingFighting Hold Heracronite
File:PKMN257-M.png Mega Blaziken FireFireFightingFighting Hold Blazikenite
File:PKMN308-M.png Mega Medicham FightingFightingPsychicPsychic Hold Medichamite
File:PKMN428-M.png Mega Lopunny NormalNormalFightingFighting Hold Lopunnite
File:PKMN448-M.png Mega Lucario FightingFightingSteelSteel Hold Lucarionite
File:PKMN475-M.png Mega Gallade PsychicPsychicFightingFighting Hold Galladite
File:PKMN647-R.png KeldeoResolute Forme WaterWaterFightingFighting Secret Sword in moveset
PKMN648-S MeloettaPirouette Forme NormalNormalFightingFighting Use Relic Song

List of fighting-type moves

Name Category Contest PP Power Accuracy Generation
Karate ChopPhysicalTough2550100%First
Double KickPhysicalCool3030100%First
Jump KickPhysicalCool1010095%First
Rolling KickPhysicalCool156085%First
Low KickPhysicalTough20Varies100%First
Seismic TossPhysicalTough20Varies100%First
Hi Jump KickPhysicalCool1013090%First
Triple KickPhysicalBeautiful101090%Second
Mach PunchPhysicalCool3040100%Second
DetectStatusCool5—% Second
Vital ThrowPhysicalCool1070100%Second
Cross ChopPhysicalCool510080%Second
Rock SmashPhysicalTough1540100%Second
Focus PunchPhysicalTough20150100%Third
Brick BreakPhysicalCool1575100%Third
Arm ThrustPhysicalTough2015100%Third
Sky UppercutPhysicalCool158590%Third
Bulk UpStatusBeautiful20—%Third
Wake-Up SlapPhysicalSmart1060100%Fourth
Hammer ArmPhysicalCool1010090%Fourth
Close CombatPhysicalSmart5120100%Fourth
Force PalmPhysicalCool1060100%Fourth
Aura SphereSpecialBeautiful2090—%Fourth
Drain PunchPhysicalBeautiful1075100%Fourth
Vacuum WaveSpecialSmart3040100%Fourth
Focus BlastSpecialCool512070%Fourth
Storm ThrowPhysicalCool1040100%Fifth
Low SweepPhysicalClever2060100%Fifth
Quick GuardStatusCool15—%Fifth
Circle ThrowPhysicalCool106090%Fifth
Final GambitSpecialTough5Varies100%Fifth
Sacred SwordPhysicalCool2090100%Fifth
Secret SwordSpecialBeautiful1085100%Fifth
Power-Up Punch Physical Tough 20 40 100% Sixth
Mat Block Status Cool 15 —% Sixth
Flying Press Physical Tough 10 80 95% Sixth

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