Fiona's Shrine

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Fiona's Shrine
Fionas Shrine

Fiona's Shrine
Game Chrono Trigger
Era 1000 A.D.
Location Southwestern continent
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Fiona's Shrine is a small building dedicated to Fiona and Robo in Chrono Trigger. It is located in the central portion of the Southwestern continent of the World Map in 1000 A.D.


The Green Dream

After Robo stays behind to help Fiona revive the forest in 600 A.D., Crono's party jumps to 1000 A.D. to pick him up. They find him in the Shrine.


There are no specific locations within Fiona's Shrine.

People and Enemies

There are no enemies in Fiona's Shrine. The following is a list of important characters the player will encounter.

People Enemies


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