Fire 'n Ice

This game was a sequel to Solomon's Key and released in 1993. It was entitled Solomon's Key 2 in PAL regions.

The evil wizard Druidle has sent his evil flames to melt the island of Coolmint and only Dana can save the island for total destruction.

This game is a puzzle game in which Dana, a wizard has to extinguish all of the flames in a level using his power to create ice.

Not only that, a special "Edit Mode" allows players to make their own levels. Only the Japanese version allowed players to save their creations.

The game has 100 levels plus 50 more which can be unlocked after beating the game along with the sound test.


To unlock levels 101-150 and the sound test, hold SELECT on the title screen and press B 16 times.

A minor glitch allows the music of the fortress levels to play during edit mode instead of the world 1 music. To do this, go into any fortress level. Complete it or just exit out if it already was completed. Go back to the title screen, go to edit mode and make your puzzle or start if you have one already made and the fortress music will play instead.

This game is hard to find due to the fact that it was released in limited quantities. The NES was nearing the end of its lifespan at the time and many people had updated to the SNES.