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Developer(s) Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS platform icon
Classification(s) Nintendo-network-icon
Genre(s) Strategy RPG


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Fire Emblem Fates (JP) is the 15th installment (13th excluding remakes) in the Fire Emblem series. It is significantly different from Awakening in that choices matter more and the world is different from previous games. The 3 paths in the game are; Conquest (JP), Birthright (JP), and Revelation (JP).


The game is designed in a way where the player chooses his storyline at Chapter 6 and it changes the way the game plays past that point. Aligning with Hoshido is an easier venture with battle inbetween main story chapters. The other option is the Nohr which is a harder then playing as the Hoshido. A third path called Revelation is also available after being purchased and is between the two in difficulty.

A new mode called Phoenix mode that is simpler than Casual. Teammates respawn after the turn finishes. Players can switch from Classic to Casual and then to Phoenix at any time but, they cannot revert in that playthrough.

In terms of mechanics, the game has altered many features from Awakening. The Pair-Up and Dual Attack mechanic has been revamped into a new mechanic called Attack Stance and Guard Stance. First of all, enemies can do them as well.

Attack Stance has your partner do an addition attack if standing next to each other while Guard Stance happens if paired up so the main unit gains boosted stats and the chance to protect against an attack completely. Once the shield gauge is filled at 10, the next attack is blocked and the gauge resets. Dual attacks from enemies in attack stance will be blocked.

The weapon triangle has also be altered so that all weapons are weak to one set and strong against another. It goes like so:

Swords and Magic > Axe and Bow > Lance and Hidden Weapons > Sword and Magic

Weapons except for staves and similar no longer have limited uses. In exchange, prices for them have gone up and they have various stat changes to be used over the other.

My Castle


The main plot is a war between nations, the Western-base Nohr empire with designs hailing from Rome and Spain, and the Eastern-based Hoshido nation, based on Japan. The player was born with the Hoshido but, was taken with Nohr. The player can choose to align with either one but, the player can never turn back. The Hoshido is more newcomer-friendly with a typical story whereas the Nohr is darker and more complex, with the player needing to revolutionize the nation from the inside.


Character Path / Unit / amiibo
Arthur Conquest / Revelation
Asugi Children Unit
Azama Birthright / Revelations
Azura All Paths
Benny Conquest / Revelation
Beruka Conquest / Revelation
Caeldori Children Unit
Camilla Conquest / Revelation
Candace All Paths / Capturable
Charlotte Conquest / Revelation
Corrin (Avatar) All Paths
Daichi Birthright / Revelation
Daniela Birthright
Dwyer Children Unit
Effie Conquest / Revelation
Elise Conquest / Revelation
Felicia All Paths
Flora Conquest / Revelation
Forrest Children Unit
Fuga Revelation
Funke Birthright / Revelation
Garon Conquest / Revelation
Gazak Conquest / Revelation
Gunter Conquest / Revelation
Haitaka Conquest
Hana Birthright / Revelation
Hayato Birthright / Revelation
Hinata Birthright / Revelation
Hinoka Birthright / Revelation
Hisame Children Unit
Ike amiibo
Ignatius Children Unit
Izana All Paths
Jakob All Paths
Kaden Birthright / Revelation
Kagero Birthright / Revelation
Kana Children Unit
Kaze All Paths
Keaton Conquest / Revelation
Kiragi Children Unit
Kumagera Conquest
Laslow Conquest / Revelation
Leo Conquest / Revelation
Lilith All Paths
Llewelyn All Paths / Capturable
Lloyd All Paths / Capturable
Midori Children Unit
Mitama Children Unit
Mozu All Paths
Nichol All Paths / Capturable
Niles Conquest / Revelation
Nina Children Unit
Nyx Conquest / Revlation
Oboro Birthright / Revelation
Odin Conquest / Revelation
Ophelia Children Unit
Orochi Birthright / Revelation
Percy Children Unit
Peri Conquest / Revelation
Reina Birthright / Revelation
Rhajat Children Unit
Rinkah Birthright / Revelation
Ryoma Birthright / Revelation
Saizo Birthright / Revelation
Sakura Birthright / Revelation
Scarlet Birthright / Revelation
Selena Conquest / Revelation
Selkie Children Unit
Senno Conquest / Revelation
Setsuna Birthright / Unit
Shigure Children Unit
Shiro Children Unit
Shura All Paths
Siegbert Children Unit
Silas All Paths
Soleil Children Unit
Sophie Children Unit
Subaki Birthright / Revelation
Takumi Birthright / Revelation
Tarba Birthright / Revelation
Velouria Children Unit
Xander Conquest / Revelation
Yukimura Birthright / Revelation
Zhara Conquest / Revelation

amiibo Characters

The Fire Emblem amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. line can be scanned in to be used in the My Castle portion of the game. Eventually, they can be recruited for normal play.


Additional Content


This is a third path for the game available for $20 like the other version. It takes on the path where you choose neither Nohr or Hoshido. The maps are designed more around the Dragon Vein power and is supposed to be the true path. The Special Edition includes all 3 paths on a single cartridge.

DLC Map Packs



There was some controversy over a piece of dialogue between Corrin and Soleil that received a rough translation from fans. The claim was that Corrin slips in a drug into Soleil's drink and it causes Soleil to become straight and fall in love with Corrin. However, Soleil does not actually dislike guys and the magic powder was for treating Soleil's anxiety condition around women and after the first time, Corrin reveals that he inserted the powder in her drink and tells her the effects and she willingly takes it afterwards. While Soleil does fall in love with Corrin, she does because Corrin did such a selfless thing in helping her. The dialogue was changed in the English release to avoid reference to drugging and possible gay conversion.


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