A Fire Flower as it appeared in New Super Mario Bros.

A Fire Flower(JP) is an item in the Mario Series that first appeared in the game Super Mario Bros. for the NES. Certain blocks containing Super Mushrooms would instead reveal Fire Flowers if Mario was in Super Mario form. The Fire Flower allows Mario to hurl fireballs out of his hand which bounce along the path until it hits a barrier. It can defeat minor enemies with one hit, like Goombas and Koopas. However, the fireballs cannot always defeat major bosses with a single hit as it usually requires multiple hits to knockout bosses.

It also appears in the Super Smash Bros. series. One of Mario's moves lets him shoot out fireballs and the Fire Flower appears as a flamethrower style item.

The latest appearance of the Fire Flower is in Super Mario 3D World.

This item also appeared in Mario Kart 7 as a brand new item. It is quite weak and little bit helpless. But touch the X or L button and you'll see the fireball coming in front of you. You can use them to burn the players. This could also make them spin-out with the fire burning behind and little smoke coming out. You can make up to 10 fireballs before the effect wears off. Fire Flower mainly appears from 2nd to 4th place.

In Mario Kart series, it is used as the symbol for the Flower Cup, the second of the Nitro cups.

Trophy descriptions

Super Smash Bros. Melee

"Once you grab this item, press and hold down the A Button to make the flower breathe flames until its power gives out. The Fire Flower is incredibly useful when you want to push someone off the edge of a stage. In Super Mario Bros., it transformed Mario into Fire Mario, changing his garb and enabling him to throw fireballs."

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

"A flower that breathes flames when you press and hold the attack button. The flames don't last forever, though--after a while, the flower will lose its fiery power. You can also throw Fire Flowers at enemies to set them on fire for a brief moment. In Super Mario Bros., Fire Flowers were used to transform Mario into Fire Mario."

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