KEY Fire Engine

The Fire Truck is a form that Kirby and Prince Fluff can take on in Kirby's Epic Yarn. It can only be transformed into by jumping into a certain Metamortex. It is a very rare transformation, but many consider it to be the most fun one of all.

When in Fire Truck form, the player can drive and jump at about the same speed and height that Kirby can alone, but it has another power as well. It can shoot streams of water from its hose to diminish columns of fire, or fiery enemies. If the player presses and holds the "1" button, the Fire Truck will shoot an unceasing stream of water from its hose. This stream of nonstop water can not only put out fire, but can make high-up beads fall down so Kirby can get them.


Kirby appears as a red Fire Truck with a pink siren, black wheels, and a gray/lavender hose.