Fishing is one of the nine games that is featured in the video game Wii Play and the seventh unlockable game. The object of the game is to move the Wii Remote around to grab some fishing poles and then move them over to a small lake and to try to catch fish to gain points. The player with the most points wins. There are names for each of the fish. The player will always lose 50 points if a Small Fry touches his or rod. A picture of a certain types of fish will also appear at the top of the screen and collecting those fish will make the player get extra points. The graphics to this game are very similar to that of Yoshi's Island DS.

Types of fish


Small Fry

Small Fry are tiny gray fish with a white belly. They move around quickly and immediately bite on the line. Unlike the rest of the fish, these cost the play points. They lose the player around 50 points


Plain Ol' Fish

The Plain Ol' Fish is a simple average-sized fish. They are green with white fronts. They are the most common types of fish and are worth only 50-60 points



The Nibbler is a less common variety of fish. It is a bigger than average fish with a yellow top and blue bottom with white inbetween. They move more than the Plain Ol' Fish and take a couple nibbles before biting the hook. They are worth 100-120 points


Touchy Fish

Touchy Fish is an orange fish with a red pattern. They are quite difficult to catch. Sneaking up on them is an unwise decision, due to them being very timid; one move of the fishing rod behind them makes them shoot off, wasting time. It takes a long time to catch one as well, as they take 4 nibbles before actually biting the rod. They are worth 200 points.


King of the Pond

The King of the Pond is a giant fish with purple scales, a blue face and bluish fins. They are a bit hard to catch since they take a few nibbles before biting. They also only appear towards the end of a round. They are worth 350 points


Mystery Fish

The Mystery Fish is an odd fish with an elongated mouth. Its body is striped with darker orange on top, beige in the middle and dark green towards the bottom. This fish is rare and only stays in the pond for a short while. They are worth 250 points