Series Metroid series
First game Metroid Prime
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Flaahgra is a boss creature in the Nintendo GameCube hit Metroid Prime. Before being defeated by Samus Aran, he rested on Tallon IV, and was mutated by the effects of the powerful Phazon. The Phazon caused it to rapidly grow, and obtains it's needed energy through photosynthesis, like most plants.

It's a rather early boss in the game, though none-the-less one of the most memorable and biggest bosses in the game.

To defeat it, Samus needed to shoot the mirrors that were giving the plant solar energy so that it would miss the plant. Once you start to shoot down the mirrors, the plant will oftentimes shrink, giving you access to go into morph ball form and bomb the plant - though you'll have to do it four times to completely defeat it, each time harder than the last.

Once you defeat Flaahgra, you'll obtain the required Varia Suit.