Flame Mammoth
Flame Mammoth
Flame Mammoth's artwork from Mega Man Maverick Hunter X
Series Mega Man X
First game Mega Man X
Voiced by Gerald Matthews
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Flame Mammoth (or Burnin' Noumander in Japanese) is one of the eight Mavericks and a boss from the first Mega Man X game designed to resemble the Elephas namadicus. There was strong animosty between he and Chill Penguin.


There's a conveyor belt in the arena, making it difficult for Mega Man X to fight. If he's close to him, he should dash away from him. If he didn't obtain it from Dr. Light, he should keep on jumping. Flame Mammoth will shoot oil from his trunk, making it difficult to the battle. He'll also shoot Fire Waves at the oil, turning it into flames. The only way to get rid of it is to use uncharged Storm Tornado. If he uses Boomerang Cutter against him, his trunk will be cut off. Mammoth will make the ground rumble in the arena by jumping, so X must wall jump or stay on air to avoid being stunned. Mammoth will then repeat again.

In Mega Man Xtreme 1, he shoots a falling fireball, creating a great deal of damage.

Other media

  • Flame Mammoth is the fifth Maverick X fights in the manga, Rockman X.
  • Dr. Doppler revived Flame Mammoth in the Carddas, Rockman X Mega Mission.
  • Flame Mammoth attacks X, along with Storm Eagle and Sting Chameleon in the manga, Rockman Remix.


  • When Mega Man X is in the middle part of his stage, there's a capsule when X obtained the Head parts from Storm Eagle's stage. He will receive the Arms part from Dr. Light. If he receives it from Zero before he dies after beating Vile, the capsule in his stage doesn't appear.