Flame Stag

Flame Stag (or Flame Stagger in Japanese) is a white-tailed deer-based Maverick in Mega Man X2. He served in the 17th Elite Unit, along with Boomer Kuwanger.


In all games where he appeared, Flame Stag will jump on a wall, copying the attacks of Sigma in the first Mega Man X game. When on a wall, Stag will do a Speed Burner and then wall jump. Next, he may throw a fire at Mega Man X if not prepared. However, this can easily do great deals of damage when he uses Bubble Splash (Storm Tornado in Mega Man Xtreme) at him. When his flames are orange, he might do a greater Speed Burner in the arena and then repeats again.

Other media

  • Flame Stag appears in the books, the Rockman X manga, Rockman Remix and Rockman X Mega Mission.


  • Flame Stag is one of the only Mavericks to have their stage without spikes or bottomless pits (with the exception of lava, not killing X in a hit). The other is Morph Moth.