Flaptack as seen in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Series Mario series
First game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Flaptacks are enemies that appeared in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are large, round, blue and yellow birds that have yellow spikes on their heads. When they see Mario or Luigi, they will hover over them, then flip over and try to stab one of them. If they miss Mario or Luigi, they will be stuck in the ground for a few seconds and then Mario or Luigi can jump on them and obtain a coin. Flaptacks can also be defeated by jumping then using a Spin Attack at them while they are in the air flying to get three Star Bits. They can destroy clouds made by Mario or Luigi's cloud form with their spikes. They appear in galaxies such as Fluffy Bluff Galaxy and Flash Black Galaxy.


  • Flaptack's name is a portmanteau of flap and tack, with flap referring to their wings flapping, and tack referring to the spike on their heads.