P3 -Iridescent Flint

Flint Beetle

Beetle doodle

A Doodle Bug in Pikmin 2

Beetle gold

A Glint Beetle in Pikmin 2.

The Flint Beetle Family is a family in Pikmin 2 for the Nintendo GameCube. This family is based on beetles. This family consist of the Doodlebug, Iridescent Flint Beetle, Iridescent Glint Beetle. While the flint Beelte was in Pikmin, the Doodlebug, and glint beetle are only in Pikmin 2. The doodle bug is the only beetle that can kill Pikmin. You can flip these beetle over so they can drop nectar, spray drops and pellets. These beetle attract Pikmin, more so in Pikmin.

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