Floaroma Meadow
Series Pokémon series
First game Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
Floaroma Meadow is an area in the Nintendo DS video game Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. It is without a doubt the area with the most flowers in the game, featuring thousands of them in a garden with immense enormity. Right when you enter the meadow you'll see Team Galactic hassling a middle aged man. Once the two Team Galactic Grunts spot you, they decide to battle your Pokémon. Once they lose, they'll scadadle it out of there and accidentally drop the Windworks Key.

You'll also get some free honey from the old man to which can be used on the golden tree next to his shop in Foaroma Meadow. In about 12 or 24 hours, the tree will be springing with exclusive Pokémon such as Aipom and Combee, among others.

At the Honey Shop you can buy some honey for $100 each. Hidden (and free) items that you can find in the meadow include a Miracle Seed and a Leaf Stone, each of which are rare and helpful.

Name Location Version
Combee Honey Tree 00Check 00Check 00Check
Burmy Honey Tree 00Check 00Check 00Check
Wurmple Honey Tree 00Check 00Check 00Check
Silcoon Honey Tree 00Check 00Check 00Check
Cascoon Honey Tree 00Check 00Check 00Check
Cherubi Honey Tree 00Check 00Check 00Check
Aipom Honey Tree 00Check 00Check 00Check
Heracross Honey Tree 00Check 00Check 00Check
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