Floro Sapien
Floro Sapien Card

A Floro Sapien as it appears on its Catch Card.
Series Paper Mario series
First game Super Paper Mario (2007)
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The Floro Sapiens(JP) are a flower-like race in Super Paper Mario. They borrow their name from the scientific name of humans, homo sapiens, but with "floro", which is Latin and related to flowers or plant life. They live in the Land of the Cragnons along with Cragnons. Mario and his party first encounter them as they enter Downtown Crag and find Floro Sapiens capturing Cragnons and taking them back to their cave. After two Floro Sapiens discover Mario and his party, they attempt to "tenderize" them by attacking them. In battle, they are easy to defeat, and they will detach their head to throw it at the player and it will come back in a boomerang effect. If the player jumps on the head and destroys it, then the body will die. They kidnap Cragnons and brainwash them by implanting a Floro Sprout into their heads and making them into zombies. Their leader is King Croacus IV. Unlike the Cragnons, they have no strange speech patterns.