Fly Guy
MP8 Fly Guy
Series Mario
First game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Species Shy Guy
Voiced by Nate Bihldorff
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Fly Guys are Shy Guys that have a little helicopter propeller on their heads, that allow them to fly. Their first game was in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Ever since that game, they have appeared in multiple games, even as a playable character. His first playable game appearance is Mario Power Tennis for the GameCube. A Fly Guy also appears as a playable character in the Nintendo DS video game Mario Hoops 3-on-3, where you can unlock him by completing the Star Tournament in Hard mode.

Yoshi's Island series

Super Mario 64

Mario & Luigi series

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Fly Guys appear as enemies in Star Hill in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. They carry time bombs with a number from 0 to 3. One attack involves a Fly Guy flying upwards and dropping the bomb on its target. Halfway in the top screen means Luigi, all the way top means Mario. It can be countered with the hammer. Every counter or hit makes the bomb lose one number. If it hits zero, it explodes. If the Fly Guy survives, it gets a new bomb. The other attack is rocking back and forth to throw it. The number of times it rocks depends on who gets hit. If it rocks twice or six times, it rolls towards Luigi, and if it rocks four or eight times, it rolls towards Mario. This can be dodged by jumping.

They also appear if the player causes a Boom Guy to lose its launcher. A pair of red Fly Guys drop a new one on its head. The same event applies for Elite Boom Guys except the Fly Guys are blue. Fly Guys also appear when a Handfake uses a Bowser cut-out attack, where it carries a flame cut-out and flies towards Luigi to attempt to damage him.


Fly Guy Pit
Level 23
HP 100
Power 120
Defense 95
Speed 83
Weakness None
Experience given 150
Coins given 10
Item Drop Red Shell (15%)

Red Pepper (20%)

No Hitter N/A

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

In battle, Fly Guys' attacks revolve around using Goombas, and due to this, they spawn Goombas during battle. Fly Guys cease to spawn Goombas after four have been spawned, even if there aren't any more Goombas on the field. Fly Guys also will not spawn any more Goombas if there are three already in battle.


Fly Guy DT
Level 20
HP 138
Power 125
Defense 107
Speed 83
Weakness None
Experience given 100
Coins given 35
Item Drop Super Mushroom (5%)

Mushroom Amulet (1%)

No Hitter 27

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Fly Guys appear as enemies in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. They only appear in specific missions, such as in Doop Doop Dunes's twenty minute quest, in Bowser's Castle when the player has to rescue Toadette from one, and in a couple of other required quests. If two or more Fly Guys appear in a battle, one will be holding a bomb. If the Fly Guy with the bomb is defeated, it will drop the bomb and damage other enemies. Sometimes the Fly Guy will give the bomb to another Fly Guy until Mario, Luigi or Paper Mario chooses a Command Block.


Fly Guy (1)
Level 7
HP 23
Power 38
Defense 54
Speed 43
Weakness None
Experience given 8
Coins given 5
Item Drop Mushroom (5%)

1-Up Mushroom (3%)

No Hitter None

Fly Guy (2)
Level 31
HP 158
Power 228
Defense 256
Speed 172
Weakness None
Experience given 175
Coins given 40
Item Drop Ultra Mushroom (5%)

1-Up Mushroom (3%)

No Hitter None

Fly Guy (3)
Level 34
HP 187
Power 258
Defense 275
Speed 189
Weakness None
Experience given 200
Coins given 50
Item Drop Max Candy (4%)

1-Up DX (2%)

No Hitter None

Mario Spinoffs

Mario Party

FlyGuy MPT

Mario Power Tennis

Mario Power Tennis

Fly Guy is an unlockable character in Mario Power Tennis. He is classified as a tricky character and is unlocked by completing the Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup and Star Cup in singles. His Offensive Power Shot is Tornado Twist and his Defensive Power Shot is Tornado Return.

Mario Hoops 3-on-3

Mario Golf

Super Smash Bros. series

Fly Guys carry items on the Yoshi's Story stage and  Yoshi's Island stage, usually food. In Smash Run , they are a rare enemy that carries a gold coin and some power-ups.

Trophy Descriptions

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. 3DS

"This enemy from the Yoshi's Island series is basically a Shy Guy with a propeller on its head. It hauls items with it as it flies, so chase it down to claim a reward. Usually, it's just food but, sometimes one will have some better prizes. One could say that these ones are ... pretty fly for a Shy Guy. No? Never mind."

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