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The Flying Krock is King K. Rool's aerial gunship and it is where the final battle of Diddy and Dixie Kong against him in his pirate days took place. It serves as the final boss level of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.


Flying Krock (inside)


This gunship has the crocodile shape with multiple propellers to keep it airborne. Inside the cockpit, there are two dices hanging on window, two parachutes, valves, lights and flag of Kremling Krew symbol. It is also messy containing various containers, tools and junk.


After the 2 young Kongs infiltrated K. Rool's Keep to save Donkey Kong, the gunship arrives at the top of the Crocodile Isle where first Squawks challenge Screech a race on bramble maze. After that, both Diddy and Dixie battle with K. Rool to save Donkey Kong.

This gunship was destroyed when Donkey Kong uppercut punches K. Rool out the front window causing an explosive decompression. With the gunship out of control, Funky Kong rescues the 3 Kongs before it crashes into the ocean.



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