Bowser performing the Flying Slam attack

The Flying Slam is Bowser's Side Special attack in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It replaced the Koopa Klaw being Bowser's Side Special attack in Super Smash Bros. Melee.


When using it, Bowser will hopefully grab an opponent. Then he will jump with his victim in his arms up to the top of the screen, do a flip, then he will land on the ground belly-first with his opponent under him. This can cause a lot of damage and knockback to the opponent.

Bowser can control where he will fall. Some use this strategy to sacrifice a life to KO an opponent. In Brawl, if used on both last lives, Bowser will take the victory. In the Wii U version and after patch 1.03 in the 3DS version, Bowser dies first and it is possible for the opponent to escape death in certain circumstances if performed fast enough (like Villager using Balloon Trip).

The move can be used as recovery in rare cases that the opponent comes off stage for Bowser to grab them with the move, causing him to slam into the stage.


  • Dash Slam - Bowser dashes forward with the move. Reduces the verticality of the move in exchange for more horizontal control
  • Koopa Klaw - Bowser dashes forward and slashes at the opponent. Not as good damage but better knockback. Reminiscent of the move in Melee.


  • According to Smash Dojo!, the move killed the opponent first if performed into the blast zone. However, this does not occur in US/ JP versions if Bowser's controller port is higher than the opponent. In this case, the game counts the kill at the same time
  • Bowser can sort of wave-dash with both of his customs of this move