Fossil Fighters: Champions
Fossil Fighters Champions (NA)
Developer(s) RED Entertainment
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS platform icon
Genre(s) Role-playing


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Fossil Fighters: Champions(JP) is a role playing game released for the Nintendo DS in 2011 by Nintendo. It is the second entry in the Fossil Fighters series. This entry adds the ability to Super Revive Vivosaurs into stronger ones.


Gameplay is similar to the last entry. Players go around areas unearthing Fossils using the sonar. They then must be cleaned using the hammer and drill. If the player is too careless, he will damage the fossil, causing a weaker vivosaur when it is revived. New items have been introduced to make the cleaning process easier.

In total, there are 140 Vivosaurs with new fossil rocks to obtain them from .Quests have been reorganized in this entry, gaining proper names and being organized into a list via the clerk at the Fossil Guild. The quests now are very important to leveling up and some provide access to certain fossils

Super Revival

This is a new mechanic in this entry where special fossils can be applied to vivosaurs to make them more powerful. There are two kinds; Silver which just improve stats and Golden, which can evolve certain Vivosaurs. There are 30 Vivosaurs that can evolve via these fossils, learning new attacks. Every other one only improves their stats. The quality of these fossils when cleaned affects the stat boost.



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