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Frank West
PXZ Frank West
Frank West in Project X Zone
First game Dead Rising
Created by Keiji Inafune
Voiced by Rikiya Koyama (JP)

Terence J. Rotolo (ENG Dead Rising)
Peter von Gomm(ENG Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom)

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Frank West is the protagonist of Dead Rising and a famed war photographer, always looking for a scoop turned zombie hunter.


Frank West is rather average. He is not particularly a hero but, does have a strong sense of justice. Frank is pretty creative using a variety of goods he discovers as weapons , with the chainsaw being his primary weapon. He seems to be quite perverted too, always taking pictures of girls whenever he sees one in Project X Zone.


Frank West, as a war photographer, photographed many events. He gets curious about the lack of information coming from Williamette, Colorado. Then, he is dropped off at the barricaded mall where he must survive a zombie infestation and help rescue survivors before the army comes in 7 days.


Here are Frank West's appearances on Nintendo hardware


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