The Free Drudge is an organization in Conduit 2. They were originally Drudge warriors, mindlessly following The Trust. But after Michael Ford destroyed the Trust Base, some of the Drudge broke away from The Trust and formed the Free Drudge, a group dedicated to fighting The Trust. They then referred to Ford as the "Liberator". They traveled in small dropships and helped Ford on his missions.


While Michael Ford battles his way through Washington, D.C., he soon comes across Thex. Thex explains he is a member of the Free Drudge, a group of Drudge that formed after Ford destroyed the Trust Base. Thex refers to Ford as the "Liberator" and informs him that they are on the same side, fighting against John Adams. Thex also says that Adams is near the National Institute.

While Thex leaves to help his friends, Ford heads out to continue his mission. The Free Drudge later cover Ford while he makes his escape through the conduit in the National Institute. ("Washington, D.C.")

Upon arrival in Siberia, Ford sees a Free Drudge dropship get shot down. Ford meets the wounded Othu who asks him to help his fellow Free Drudge. Ford proceeds to disable the anti-air turrets at the Siberian base and eliminates all The Trust men in the area. He then radios for help. ("Siberia Crash")


The HAVOC Gunship

The Free Drudge later helped Ford escape from the Siberian base on one of their dropships. ("Siberia")

A HAVOC Gunship pursues, so Ford has to shoot it down from the back of the dropship. ("Siberia Escape")

Afterward, the Free Drudge fly Ford to the next Progenitor location. ("Lost City")