Freezing Fun
Freezing Fun (The Letter K, Donkey Kong Land)
Freezing Fun's gameplay.
Game Donkey Kong Land
World Gangplank Galleon Ahoy!
Terrain Snow
Animal Buddies None
Bonus levels 1
Enemies encountered Slippa, Gnawty, Kritter, Hogwash, Zinger
Jungle JauntFreezing FunSimian Swing

Freezing Fun is the second level found in Donkey Kong Land and the second level found in Gangplank Galleon Ahoy!.

This level is the first snow level found in Donkey Kong Land and this level is found atop a mountain. There are also Barrel Cannons which shoot Donkey and Diddy to other parts of the level. There are also fairly large abysses which if the Kongs don't watch their step, they will fall down an abyss and lose a life. The enemies here include Gnawties, Zingers, Hogwashes, Kritters, and Slippas. The Kongs also walk on a slippery ground which may crash them into an enemy or make them fall down an abyss if the Kongs aren't careful.