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This article is the article listing quotes said by Funky Kong throughout the entire Donkey Kong series.

Donkey Kong Country

Self Greetings

  • Whoa, Dudes! My name's Funky Kong!
  • My bodacious Jumbo Barrel can take you to any point on the island!
  • Most unfortunately, it can only send you to a place you have already been to... which is a complete and total bummer, let me tell you!

To both Kongs

  • Yeah, crucial Kongs! If you feel the need for speed, jump in and like, jet!
  • You dudes need some lives or something? Jungle Hijinxs is the place for that!
  • Yo Gorillas! Go see old man Cranky, he can help you out!
  • Lookin' good, Kongs! Buckle up and blast off, you're outta here!
  • If you guys see Candy on your travels, tell her I'll give her surfing lessons anytime!

Only DK

  • Fancy a flight, DK Dude? You know the score, hop in and high tail it!
  • Whoa, Donkey dude! Maybe your little surf buddy's on another level. Go check 'em out!

Only Diddy

  • Yo Diddy cool! Lost the big guy again? Blast off back and see the scene!
  • Still talking to yourself, huh? Check out the jungle, I'm sure you'll find your buddy!

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Donkey Kong Land 2

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

Donkey Kong Country animated series

  • "When ya wanna be there like now, Funky's Flights is the way to go!"
  • "Too late, lizard lips! The babes went cruisin' with what you're losin' from the second you made the scene!"
  • [while flying upside-down] "Whoa! Check it out, dudes! Never saw green clouds before... well, maybe once. Hey! Where'd all that water come from?!"
  • "Like the terminal dude said... I'll be back!"


[Funky and Bluster are hiding under a mine cart]
Funky: Whoa! Maybe the kids have doom-swooped the island!
Bluster: What will we do?
Funky: Only thing we can do. Chill here and wait for the others to give us the 'All Clear' sign.
Bluster: But that could take a long time!
Funky: So, we get to know each other. I'll tell you my middle name if you, like, tell me yours.
Bluster: LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!

Cranky: I think I just spotted Eddie!
Funky: I am ready, dude!
Cranky: Not ready! Eddie!
Funky: Not ready yet? Just say when!
Cranky: Isn't there something you can do so we can communicate?
Funky: [does something on the control panel and the noise stops] All right. So, let's communicate.
Cranky: What did you do?
Funky: Turned the engine off.
Cranky: Then... what's holding us up?
Funky: Like... [the plane starts to fall] ...nothin'.

Funky: I got that zombie stuff from a movie I saw on the late, late, late, late show!
Candy: You see? There's no such thing as interplanetary visitor dudes!
Funky: Not ones that turn people into zombies, anyway. The ones I've met have always been real mellow... in an alternate life-form kind of way.

Donkey Kong 64

DK: King of Swing

DK: Jungle Climber

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