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Fynalle is the twentieth enemy in Warrior's Way. He is the emperor of an unknown part of the world (or possibly the countries the other monarchs ruled over), and is, by far, the strongest enemy in the game. Because of his large army, it is recommended to have an equally strong army to defeat him. Fynalle also has his own theme when invading his country.

Fynalle first appears towards the end of the game, where, like all the other monarchs, appears out of nowhere in a puff of smoke. Unlike the other monarchs however, he somehow grows twice in size when The Monarch arrives to the country, and crosses his arms at the monarch's arival, the words "Beware of the Emperor!" will than appear under him, similar to the "Beware of Ninja/Berserkers" for the monarchs that use them. Wentworth will then appear to warn the player of the great strength of Fynalle's army and say that a good deal of preparation is recommended before fighting him.

Fynalle's battle operates very differently. Unlike the previous monarchs, the Monarch must engage Fynalle with their entire army. In his battle, the Monarch must equip his or her troops five times to fight Fynalle. Choosing the right type of troops will halfen Fynalle's army each time, and vice versa if the wrong type of troop is selected. After equipping their troops five times, the Monarch with the larger army will win. It is recommended to fight Fynalle when the Monarch has an army slightly larger than Fynalle's army to ensure a good chance of winning.

When the Monarch triumphs over Fynalle, Fynalle swears that he will come back for his country. After that, the Monarch and Wentsworth celebrates their completion in world domination.


  • Fynalle's name is likely a pun on the word "finale".
  • Fynalle is the only enemy in Warrior's Way to have his own invasion theme.