The Gabbiano is the boat featured in the Wii video game Endless Ocean. With it, the player can travel around the island of Manoa Lai (Manaurai in Europe). When the player sets course and stops the boat, they'll be able to dive. Where the player can go depends on where their boat is. The player cannot go outside of the circle on the map, though if they move the boat they'll be able to go to different areas.


  • Cabin: There are various things to do in the cabin.
    • Album: The player can take pictures and store up to forty to view in the album on the Gabbiano.
    • Camera: Develop photographs the player has taken.
    • Clock: Interacting with this will cause the character to go to sleep. When they wake up it will be morning.
    • 'Snorkel Mask: Allows the player to change their outfit.
    • Encyclopedia of Marine Biology - Called the Guide to Marine Life in Europe and Australia, this is the place where you can view the different species you have interacted with in the game and learn more about them.
    • Mobile Device: With the cell phone the player can check their e-mail.
    • Message Board: Notices from Katherine Sunday are placed here as well as the date and moon phase.
    • Steering Wheel: Steer the boat around the ocean.
  • Afterdeck: On the afterdeck the player can sit on the deckchair and view the ocean view. Doing this at sunset will allow the player to view the credits.
    • Footlocker: Items you have collected are stored in the footlocker on the afterdeck.
    • Ramp: Train your partners here.
    • Stereo: Here you can change the audio settings.
  • Foredeck: Can interact with birds and mammals that come here. Some animals can only be found here.

Official description

"Your small but sturdy vessel. Gabbiano means 'seagull' in Italian."