GameStop is the world's largest video game retailer that carries video games on all current platforms.

Nintendo Products Offered/Carried

Game Stop buys back most of the current systems' games and accessories, however the store does phase out buying back components from older systems due to obsolescence.

NES - 1991-2003, 2017-Present (Limited)
Game Boy - 1991-2005, 2017-Present (Limited)
SNES - 1991-2003, 2017-Present (Limited)
Virtual Boy - 1996-1997
N64 - 1996-2005, 2017-Present (Limited)
Game Boy Color - 1998-2005, 2017-Present (Limited)
Game Boy Advance - 2001-04/03/2011, 2017-Present (Limited)
GameCube - 2001-04/01/2012, 2017-Present (Limited)
Nintendo DS - 2004–Present
Wii - 2007–Present
Nintendo 3DS - 2011–Present
Wii U - 2013-Present
Nintendo Switch - 2017-Present

Companies Merged

GameStop acquired several other companies due to merging.

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