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Game Boy Light
Game Boy Light (Model)

Manufacturer Nintendo
Released JP April 14, 1998
Media Game Boy cartridges
Best-selling game Tetris
Predecessor Game Boy Pocket
Successor Game Boy Color

The Game Boy Light is a backlit and updated version of the Game Boy Pocket exclusively released in Japan. It was first sold in stores on April 14, 1998.

The Game Boy Light only lasted a short amount of time before the Game Boy Color had a release in October 1998. The Game Boy Light resembles the Game Boy Pocket; however, the battery compartment is different in shape and the size is slightly larger. The reason the Game Boy Light is larger than the Game Boy Pocket is because the battery compartment requires two AA batteries, rather than two AAA batteries that was used in the Game Boy Pocket. This was because of the addition of the backlight, requiring more power (The AA Batteries.) It was the only Game Boy to have a backlit screen until 2003 when the Game Boy Advance SP is released. Before then, Worm Lights and other means of screen illumination was used.

The Game Boy Light was available in two different colors at launch; gold and silver, then later available in translucent yellow (Toys "R" Us), translucent red (Tezuka Osamu World Shop), and clear (Astro Boy & Famitsu) as special, limited editions. These special/limited editions are highly valued, especially in mint condition.

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