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Game Freak
Game Freak Logo
Founded April 26, 1989
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key people Satoshi Tajiri (founder)
Ken Sugimori (Pokémon art director)
Junichi Masuda (Pokémon game director)
Employees 73(As of April 2014)

Game Freak (1989- Present) is a Japanese video game developer. They are a second party developer for Nintendo, most well known for its development on the Pokémon series of games.


Game Freak was originally a self-published gaming magazine created by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori in the 1980s. Tajiri wrote and edited the text and Sugimori illustrated. On April 26, 1989, Tajiri and Sugimori started a video game development company with the same name.

Games developed by Game Freak

Title Format Release Date Source
Mendel PalaceNES1990-10October 1990[1]
Smart BallSNES1992-03March 1992[2]
YoshiNES1992-06June 1992[3]
YoshiGame Boy1992-07July 1992[4]
Mario & WarioSNES1993-08August 1993[5]
Smart Ball 2SNES1994-001994
Nontan to Issho! Kuru-Kuru PuzzleGame Boy1994-04April 1994[6]
Nontan no Issho: Kuru Kuru PuzzleSNES1994-11November 1994[7]
BUSHI Seiryūden: Futari no YūshaSNES1997-01January 1997[8]
Pokémon Blue VersionGame Boy1998-09September 1998[9]
Pokémon Red VersionGame Boy1998-09September 1998[10]
Game Boy CameraGame Boy19981998[11]
Pokémon Yellow VersionGame Boy1999-10October 1999[12]
Pokémon Gold VersionGame Boy Color2000-10October 2000[13]
Pokémon Silver VersionGame Boy Color2000-10October 2000[14]
Pokémon Crystal VersionGame Boy Color2001-07July 2001[15]
Pokémon Ruby VersionGame Boy Advance2003-03March 2003[16]
Pokémon Sapphire VersionGame Boy Advance2003-03March 2003[17]
Pokémon FireRed VersionGame Boy Advance2004-09September 2004[18]
Pokémon LeafGreen VersionGame Boy Advance2004-09September 2004[19]
Pokémon Emerald VersionGame Boy Advance2005-04April 2005[20]
Drill DozerGame Boy Advance2006-02February 2006[21]
Pokémon Diamond VersionNintendo DS2007-04April 2007[22]
Pokémon Pearl VersionNintendo DS2007-04April 2007[23]
Pokémon Platinum VersionNintendo DS2009-03March 2009[24]
PulsemanGenesis (Virtual Console)2009-07July 2009[25]
Pokémon HeartGold VersionNintendo DS2010-03March 2010[26]
Pokémon SoulSilver VersionNintendo DS2010-03March 2010[27]
Pokémon Black VersionNintendo DS2011-03March 2011[28]
Pokémon White VersionNintendo DS2011-03March 2011[29]
Pokémon Black Version 2Nintendo DS2012-07October 2012[30]
Pokémon White Version 2Nintendo DS2012-07October 2012[31]
HarmoKnightNintendo 3DS2013-03March 2013
SolitiBaNintendo 3DS2013-03March 2013
Pokémon XNintendo 3DS2013-10October 2013[32]
Pokémon YNintendo 3DS2013-10October 2013[33]
Pokémon Omega RubyNintendo 3DS2014-11November 2014
Pokémon Alpha SapphireNintendo 3DS2014-11November 2014

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