Gamecock Media Group is a video game publisher founded in 2007. When publishing a title, they allow the developer to freely do what they wish to do, and also allow them to keep their property. For example, despite the fact that Gamecock has published Mushroom Men, Red Fly Studios still owns it because they've developed it. They became a topic of discussion in 2007 after they stormed the stage of Spike TV's 2007 gaming awards dressed as roosters to promote their games when Ken Levine was about to accept the award for best game of the year (for Bioshock). Because of this he wasn't able to give an acceptance speech, and to say the least Levine was extremely angry at them for this.

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The name of the company is seemingly derived from a type of rooster called a gamecock that is breed specifically for cockfighting, which involves pitting roosters against each other and usually betting on the winner of the fight.