Gandrayda from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.
Series Metroid series
First game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
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Gandrayda is a character and bounty hunter in the Wii video game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. She is a unique character who has the ability to transform into any other being, thus changing not only her appearance but also her size, weight, and so on.

According to Samus Aran's scan, her age is unknown, though is probably of a young age. It also states that she views bounty hunting as a sport, and sees Samus as her main rival, and one day hopes to surpass her.

In the events that took place in Corruption, she, along with Samus, Ghor, and Rundas, aid the Galactic Federation by trying to stop the increasing threat of Phazon. While on Norion, she, along with the other three bounty hunters, actually become corrupted by the effects once Dark Samus shoots a Phazon blast at them.

Two weeks later she awakes and the federation find no negative effects, but find that she is in fact infected with phazon, and thus give her a PED, which allows her to efficiently utilize this new subtstance.

Long into the game, Samus finds a Galactic Federation troop on the Space Pirate homeworld, who promises to tell her how to withstand the acid rain. Once they move on, the marine shoots at Samus and is soon revealed to actually be Gandrayda who is now corrupted by Phazon, and thus a battle starts. Everything she transforms into has the same weakness as they did before.