Gauntlet: Dark Legacy
Dark Legacy
North American GameCube box art
Developer(s) Atari (Arcade)
Midway Games (ARC & GC)
Pocket Studios (GBA)
Publisher(s) Midway Games
Platform(s) Arcade platform icon Nintendo GameCube platform icon Game Boy Advance platform icon
Genre(s) RPG, hack & slash, beat 'em up

05ESRB - T  04PEGI 16  03USK 12  04Australian Classification Board - MA

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Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is a Nintendo GameCube Game that was released in July 2002 and is preceded by Gauntlet Legends. The game is rated T for Teen by the ESRB. The game was originally released in the Arcades


Players take place in an ancient world with all characters, Dwarf, Warrior, Valkyrie, Knight, Wizard, Sorceress, Archer and Jester. They need Gold Icons and Crystals to enter all levels; they have to find all Runestones in all realms and recover all the Shards to battle the final bosses, Skorne and Garm. First, players go to the Forsaken Province after they collected the Crystals. They first battle various zombies, ghosts and moss golems and must stop the generators. Then, they meet the first boss, the Lich where players have to avoid the axe, projectile and skeleton hand and will summon Maggots. After collecting all the Red Crystals, they go to the Mountain Kingdom, where they battle through orcs, demons, stone golems and scorpions and the realm introduces the Gargoyle, a monster that carried a gold icon where they must defeat it. Then, the boss over here is the Dragon where he doesn't move and destroys rocks, summons quakes and blows fire. He can be destroyed with the Ice Axe. Now in the Castle Stronghold, they need purple crystals to enter and they battle through armor, wolfmen and rats. The golem is the same in the Mountain and features the boss, the Chimera. Shots must be fired carefully for each head to defeat and will cause a great deal of damage from all the heads. Then after collecting blue crystals, they enter the Sky Dominion, where they battle through all plague grunts, bringers and eyeballs, acid puddles and moss golems. It features a boss called the Plague Fiend, like any other boss, he can spit slime and summon more slime from the pillar and shots must be timed carefully at him. Then after getting all the green crystals, they enter the Forest Realm and they battle through lizard people, treant and spiders. The boss over here is a spider centaur called the Spider Queen, as she'll whip them with her whip and summon spiders and generators that create spiders. Then after that, they need yellow crystals to enter the Desert Lands, where they battle through mummies, sandmen and cobras. The boss over here is a terrible one-eyed Genie where he summons lasers on a space that they're spotted and they must kill his little genies and hit him. After that, they need white crystals to enter the Ice Domain and they battle through ice grunts, frost worms, polar bears and wolves. The boss over here is a vicious Wampa-like Yeti, where they must avoid the pound, the ice breath and ice crash that's sliding. Shots must be timed carefully to defeat him. Then after that, they need black crystals to enter the Dream World and they battle through shadow golems, crawling hands, imps and sorcerers. The boss over here is a mysterious shadow wraith where he'll summon snakes and attack you with his claws. You've gotta avoid the claws and shoot him to kill him. After that, they go to the Battlefield when all runestones and shards are found. They battle through skeledogs, skelewarriors, wood golems and skeleknights. They battle the evil Skorne in his altar and throne. Defeating him will make you celebrate your victory. After that, Garm is sad that you killed Skorne and he turns into a devil. Then, Sumner tells you to face Garm to his citadel and then after going through many more enemies, it's time to face Garm! Kill the enemies and avoid various traps and shoot Garm and he's dead.


As Sumner says through this ending:

The evil wizard, Garm has been destroyed. He will never again threaten the eight realms. Peace will again rule the kingdoms and you along will it. You have down well. Savor the sweet taste of victory!


In the arcade, players enter three initials and password, while in this game, they can enter their full name.

Crystals are added here, while in the arcade, there aren't any crystals.

The health meter doesn't go down, while in the arcade, it does.

The beach party cards are omitted.

In the arcade, you'll have to select a level you want to select a level you want, while in the game, you'll need crystals, gold icons, shards and runestones.

Extra health isn't earned in this version of the game.

You won't be able to buy extra health with credits and there aren't any credits.

The boss meter is omitted.


  • The Warrior and Dwarf have superior abilities in strength.
  • The Archer and Jester have superior abilities in speed and reflexes.
  • The Knight and Vakyrie have superior abilities in armor and protection.
  • The Wizard and Sorceress have superior abilities in magic and with magic potions.

Unlockable Characters

  • Hyena (Dream World Treasure Room)
  • Minotaur (Mountain Kingdom Treasure Room)
  • Jackal (Desert Lands Treasure Room)
  • Medusa (Forsaken Province Treasure Room)
  • Tigress (Forest Realm Treasure Room)
  • Ogre (Ice Domain Treasure Room)
  • Falconess (Castle Stronghold Treasure Room)
  • Unicorn (Sky Dominion Treasure Room)
  • Sumner (Battle Grounds Treasure Room)
  • Pojo the Chicken (Name as EGG911)