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Gauntlet is an unreleased Nintendo DS game in 2008 and it is based on the arcade game with the same name. It was supposed to be released, but it was cancelled.


Just like in Super Noah's Ark 3D, players take place in a maze to fight evil. The other characters look different.

The announcer is different than the speech chip. The new announcer would have warn you by saying "Remember, don't shoot food.", "Elf - shot the food!", "Shots can't hit other players.". If your health reads 200, the announcer will say "Valkyrie - needs food badly!", and while still in 200, the announcer will say "Wizard - needs food!", "Elf - is about to die!", "Warrior, all your powers will be lost.".


  • Ghost - They act as common enemies in the game.
  • Grunts - Same as ghosts, but tougher.
  • Sorcerer- Some may be invisible and you must wait patiently.
  • Death - This doesn't take your health away, but it's a difficult enemy.


  • The Warrior has superior abilities with strength.
  • The Wizard has superior abilities in magic.
  • The Elf has superior abilities in speed and reflexes.
  • The Valkyrie has superior abilities in armor and protection.