These are the credits to Geist.

N-Space Staff credits



Project Manager

Lead Programmers


Game Scripting

Art Manager

Lead of Characters and Animation

Character Modeling and Animation

Lead World Builder

World Building

Music and Audio

Foley Direction

Voice (In Order of Appearance)

Misc. Voices



IT & Facilities Management

Nintendo Staff Credits

Executive Producer

Senior Producer


Assistant Producer


UI Design Support

Technical Support

Product Coordination

Product Testing

Special Thanks

n-Space Special Thanks

  • Thanks to Amanda and my Family for their support
  • Kelly McClure, My Family, and The Toons!
  • Jess you make anything possible
  • Thanks to my family...and caffeine
  • Thanks to my wife Christi whose love and patience know no bounds
  • Patrick, Timmy, and Cheryl O'Leary
  • Don, Jan, David, Papa, and the Pokey Party
  • My ever supportive wife Lindsey and Yoshi (the dog)
  • Lisa, Ian and Caitlin
  • Logan King born 5/5/04!
  • Andrew Risch
  • Ben Mathis
  • Tracy Hunt
  • Thanks for all of the support my family has given me
  • A special thanks to my family and friends
  • To Trina, Ryan, and Casey for their patience I'll be home soon
  • Mom, Dad, Rick, Tori, and Erica
  • To my beautiful wife Seesa
  • I would like to thank...John S.
  • My extraordinarily patient wife, Melissa
  • Match Morgan
  • Granger, for his endless laughter and patience
  • Special thanks to Andrew Rachlin for his consultation
  • Michelle, Goliath, Elle and Contingency
  • Clyde, Bob and Stew
  • And to all our good friends at Nintendo

Nintendo of Europe staff credits

Product Localization Team

Product Coordination

German Translation

French Translation

Spanish Translation

Italian Translation

Product Testing