General Guy

General Guy (Paper Mario)

Artwork of General Guy, his tank, and two Shy Guys from Paper Mario.
Series Paper Mario series
First appearance Paper Mario (2001)
Species Shy Guy
Created by Intelligent Systems
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General Guy is the leader of the large species of Shy Guy. He appears in Shy Guy's Toy Box in Paper Mario. He is seen in a toy tank in battle. Beware of General Guy's light bulb on his toy tank. Watt is suggested for the fight. One of his more funnier quotes is "No fair! You're breaking the rules of war!"


Paper Mario

General Guy is the fifth boss in Paper Mario. He is the leader of the Shy Guys of the Toy Box. He fights using a tank like vehicle. His attacks include throwing bombs at Mario that cause 2 HP damage. There is a light bulb on the tank that emits an electric current that causes damage up to 4 HP. The best recommended partner to fight with is Watt. Watt can shock General Guy because the tank is metal. She can also destroy the light bulb. Mario has to use use his hammer with super attacks. Stilt Guys and Shy Guys also help to fight. After the battle, General Guy and the Shy Guys run off while Mario saves Muskular.