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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
Ghost Trick Phantom Detective (NA)
American cover art.
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Capcom
Platform(s) Nintendo DS platform icon
Genre(s) Adventure & puzzle

05ESRB T  03PEGI 12  02CERO B 

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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (ゴースト トリック, Gōsuto Torikku) is a game for the Nintendo DS and iOS system. It was developed by Capcom's Shu Takumi, who was also the brains behind Ace Attorney.


The player plays the role of Sissel, a man who has been killed in a junkyard. Sissel's first lead is a woman named Lynne. To move around, he must 'ghost' (move from object to object) and 'trick' (power an object to make it work, such as a fan or a radio).



  • Ghost Trick takes place all in one night.
  • Nine lives are saved in the game, not including Lynne's multiple deaths.

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