Giant is one of the playable characters in the Famicom video game Joy Mecha Fight. The character has an odd appearance: his head resembles a boulder and his hands look like bubbles. Each segment of his body (unless they're pairs) has a different color. Despite being named Giant, he's no taller than the other characters, though some of his attacks are considerably stronger (though his most powerful attack, Dash, ties as the most powerful attack with various other moves in the game). He was one of the robots that Little Eamon built and Ivan Warner stole. Little Ermin programmed his robot Sukapon to take down Giant and numerous other robots that Warner reprogrammed to cause destruction.


  • Punch: 9Pow
  • Kick: 5Pow
  • Jump Kick: 8Pow
  • Good Punch: 10Pow
  • Jump Punch: 7Pow
  • Leg Sweep: 8Pow
  • Dash: 16Pow
  • Headbut: 12Pow
  • Quick Wave: 10Pow
  • Power Bomb: 14Pow