Giant Robosa
Series Drawn to Life
First game Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter
Species Robosa
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  A Giant Robosa appears as the second boss in Lavastream in the DS version of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.


The Lava

The Giant Robosa attacks by using its hands or slamming the screen with its fist. The Hero must keep attacking it. It will then inhale the Hero inside its body.

The Body Parts

The first Body Part is its first eye. A Missile Launcher will stop the Hero from destroying the Eye. The Eye fights back by shooting fireballs. After the Eye is destroyed, the Giant Robosa will spit back the Hero to the Lavastream.

The second Body Part is another eye. However, there is a conveyor belt that helps the Hero avoid Missiles from the Missile Launcher.

The final Body Part is its heart. The Heart doesn't attack, but two Missile Launchers will stop the Hero from destroying. When all the parts are destroyed, the Giant Robosa sinks into lava.