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Giga Lakitu is a Lakitu related boss featured in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the Yoshi Star Galaxy. He is one of the two bosses that is fought by Mario and Yoshi together. The other boss that is fought like that i

Giga lakitu

Giga Lakitu

s Megahammer. He is also fought on a planet that you can't go on the other side of. The other bosses that are fought on planets like this are, Bouldergeist, Prince Pikante, Boomsday Machine, Squizzard, and Whomp King. He resembles as a more elder version of Lakitu, with a purple shell, and glasses. He is also more plump. He rides a cloud different than that of most Lakitus. It is purple and seems more angry. His attacks include throwing Spinys at the player and going over the planet and attempting to shock Mario with lighting bolts. His weakness is when Yoshi swallows one of his Spinys and spits it back at him!

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