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Series Digimon (series)
First game Digimon World
Created by Akiyoshi Hongo
Year Created 1999
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Gigadramon is a ultimate level, virus type, machine attribute Digimon. His name and design are dirived from "Giga Dramon". It bares a very similar design to Megadramon. That's because it is a programed Megadramon to fight better.

Nintendo Games

Digimon World DS

Gigadramon digivolves from Aquilamon.

Digimon World Dawn & Dusk

Gigadramon digivolves from Devidramon at Level 40 with 195 attack and 4400 machine exp. Gigadramon can DNA digivolve with Moon=Millenniummon to ZeedMillenniummon, or with Whamon to GigaSeadramon.


  • Genocide Gear: Fires countless organic missiles.
  • Guilty Claw: Wages attacks with the Giga Hands.
  • Guilty Wind
  • Gigabyte Wing

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