Go is a classic board game originating in China. It would eventually spread to Japan and Korea, where it became very popular. In fact, it is the favorite game of Hiroshi Yamauchi, former Nintendo president. In fact, he liked it so much that he was a 6 Dan (note: for reference on the rankings of Go, look below). Because of his deep appreciation for the game, Nintendo would end up creating several variants of the game of Go, some of which were so high in quality that they cost thousands upon thousands of yen.

Yamauchi, who never played video games in his life, was given a Famicom controller one day and asked to play a version of Go on the console. After attempting to, he ultimately quit.


The following are the ranks of Go. Its purpose here on the site is to show just how talented Yamauchi was:

Rank Type Range Stage
Double-digit kyu 30–20k Beginner
Double-digit kyu 19–10k Casual Player
Single-digit kyu 9–1k Intermediate/Club Player
Amateur dan 1–7d (8d is special title) (Yamauchi was ranked 6d) Expert Player
Professional dan 1–9p (10p is special title) Professionals