Golden Candypop Bud
Candypop bud yellow
Series Pikmin
First game Pikmin 1
Created by Nintendo
Quotes • Gallery

Golden Candypop Buds are plant-enemies in the Pikmin Series. Throw pikmin in it, and they will come out as Yellow Pikmin. In Pikmin 2 50 can be thrown in before it dies, but Yellow Pikmin don't count for the limit. In Pikmin 50 pikmin can be tossed in, but yellows do count towards it.


Olimar's Notes

"No matter what color Pikmin is tossed into the bosom of this flower, it spits out the same number of yellow Pikmin seeds. Current research has yet to produce any theories as to precisely what kind of interaction causes the Pikmin to change color to match the color of this flower's petals."

Louie's Notes

"This tart flower's acidic juices can burn a hole through a frying pan. Eating it would be unwise."

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