Golden Golem
Gold golem

Series Find Mii
Species Golem
Related Species Granite Golem

Iron Golem
Diamond Golem

First game Find Mii II

Golden Golem is an optional boss and a minion of the Dark Lord in Find Mii 2.

As its name implies, it is a giant golem made of gold that sparkles. It can be fought in the Ominous Shrine; however, this room can only be unlocked with a silver key.

When it is defeated, it collapses and then turns into purple smoke. He is the second strongest golem, the first being Diamond Golem.


  • It has 65 HP.
  • Like all other golems, it will take two fewer damage from sword attacks.


  • Ominous Shrine in Find Mii 2
  • Oninous Shrine in Find Mii 2, Secret Quest - Room is icy.

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