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Gomander & Outslay

Gomander is a giant lump of flesh with one eye protruding from the top and tubes (8 in 2D, 12 in 3D) that let the Outslay move in and out of its body. A Gomander can use any thing to nourish itself and will soon grow to extreme sizes. Without an Outslay the Gomander will die, and vice versa, because the Outslay nourishes from the excess energy from the Gomander and returns it back inside of its gigantic host. It is unknown whether two Outslays can support two Gomanders. Also, it is mentioned in R-Type Final that a planet-sized Gomander has been seen before; is it possible that this is the Gomander from the original R-Type.

Bydo Class

Huge Bydo (see Bydo (Species))

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