Goomama's sprite from Paper Mario.

Goomama is Goompapa's wife in Paper Mario. She is also the mother of Goombaria and Goombario.

Along with the rest of the Goomba family, she lives in Goomba Village. After Mario defeats General Guy, Goomama and Goombaria, can be found in Toad Town shopping. If Goombario is Mario's current partner, and the two Goombas are talked to, his sister will tease him, and his mother will nag him. Goomama and all other members of the Goomba family can be found in Toad Town at the end of the game for Princess Peach's party.


"She's my mom, Goomama. She sometimes gets on my nerves when she worries too much about me, but I still love her lots. Don't tell her what I just said! Seriously, Mario! Promise me!"


  • "Goomama" is a portmanteau of "Goomba" and "mama".