Goomba Wrangler is a 4-player and Duel mini-game appearing in Mario Party DS.


The theme of this area features green grass, colored flowers and it looks like this mini-game takes place inside of a park.


The goal of the mini-game is for players to draw circles around Goombas wandering around the grassy plains. Once a Goomba is circled, the Goomba is added to the player's tally on the amount of Goombas circled. However, Bob-ombs appear in the mini-game to mess things up. Circling a Bob-omb results in a loss of three Goombas on a player's tally. Golden Goombas are uncommonly found around the area and equal three Goombas into the tally.

As the mini-game goes on, the more Goombas appear and the amount of Bob-ombs increase. The length of the mini-game is twenty seconds.

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