Goompa as seen in Paper Mario
Series Paper Mario
First game Paper Mario
Species Goomba
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Goompa is a character in the Nintendo 64 video game Paper Mario. He is a friendly Goomba, and the grandfather of Goombario. In the game, he explains that while he was young, he would travel the world with Koopa Koot and Bootler, two other elderly characters that you can find in Paper Mario.

He can be first found at the back of the Goomba house repairing the veranda, but unfortunately it collapses. Mario goes through the back door to get the Hammer but he finds the veranda is broken and falls down the cliff. He finds Goompa and they go in search of the Hammer together. After Mario finds the Hammer, he gets into a fight with Jr. Troopa. It is now that Goompa teaches Mario the basics of the battle system. After the battle, they trek back to the village, where Goompa makes the point of Goombario joining Mario in his travels.

Later on in the game, one of the favors that Koopa Koot will ask Mario to do is to retrieve a tape that he lent to Goompa.