YNI Goonie

Goonies are white bird enemies in the Yoshi series.


Yoshi's Island

Goonies made their first appearance in the game. Yoshi can ride on it and it can be defeated by throwing an egg. Swallowing and spitting it out turns it into a Flightless Goonie. Touching it hurts Yoshi and stomping never sends him into the air.

Yoshi's Story

Goonie made their second appearance in the game. White Goonies are found only in Level 3-3 while Gray Goonies are found in Level 5-4. In Level 3-3, some Goonies held bombs and this was the only game that a Goonie cannot hurt Yoshi.

Yoshi Touch & Go

Goonies made their appearance in the DS game, Yoshi Touch & Go. They are seen flying in the sky and some parts of the ground during Marathon mode. Yoshi can egg it to earn points.

Yoshi's Island DS

Goonies made their latest appearance in Yoshi's Island DS. There are two names named after them, The Goonie Coast Isn't Clear! and Goonie Heights, along with their skeletal counterparts. One Very Goonie is named Moltz the Very Goonie appears as a boss in the World 5 fort.

Tetris Attack

Only one Goonie has ever appeared in the game. It was one of Lakitu's minions.

Game & Watch Gallery 3

Goonies made their appearance in the Game & Watch game, Turtle Bridge. Sometimes, they'll dive at passing balloons and they relay packages between Toad and Mario.


In Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Goonies are seen flying in Cheep-Cheep Island and they never serve as obstacles to slow down a character, but they fly away if a character drives into one.

In Paper Mario, the Goonies are three-dimensional unlike most characters, except the Whale, being himself and one is flying over the ocean when Mario and his partners ride on the Whale to Lavalava Island.

In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Goonies only appeared in the scene, Castle Attack. When, Bowser attacks Bowser's Castle, the Goonies fly out from under it.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee, Goonies serve as background enemies in the stage, Yoshi's Story, while in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, they serve as background enemies in the stage, Yoshi's Island and a trio of Goonies also appear as a Sticker.

Notable Goonies

Moltz the Very Goonie - A Very Goonie turned huge by Kamek.